White Undershirt

Your outfit is a like a building and a white undershirt is its foundation. A good undershirt forms a comfortable and important first layer. This layer smoothes things out while protecting you against smell and sweat. Unfortunately, some men tend to wear any undershirt that they come across while shopping. This makes them look like shaky buildings that have weak foundations. This is why you need to pay attention to the kind of undershirt you wear.

Why wear a good undershirt

A good undershirt is important for various reasons. Since it acts like a protection to your dress shirt, it will prolong the life of the dress shirt that you wear. This is because it ensures that your dress shirt does not come into contact with body secretions that include sweats. This implies that you do not have to take your dress shirts to the dry cleaner or wash them more often. However, this does not mean that you will never pay dry cleaning bills. It implies that you will have more choices in cycles between the washes. Nevertheless, you should wash your undershirt because as long as you have sweat on it, you should not consider wearing it for a second time.


When choosing the undershirt style, it is important that you consider a v-neck undershirt. This is the most ideal style of undershirt because it can be worn with buttoned and unbuttoned dress shirts. It allows you more flexibility because in a hot afternoon, you can unbutton the top buttons of your dress shirt without looking casual in the office. If you are that person who likes wearing a button shirt with its two buttons open, it is important that you choose a v neck undershirt. Ideally, you should match the neckline height as much as possible with the neck that you intend to show.


Undershirts that are white in color are a preference for most men. This is because they are ideal for wearing with most dress shirts including lighter shirts. White is also a preference for most men because light is able to pass through with ease via higher-quality, finer threads of the lightly colored shirts than undershirts with opaque, less refined threads.


Generally, undershirts are important innerwear to have in every man’s wardrobe. They are important because they form the first layer that is in contact with your skin. As such, it is important that you invest in quality innerwear to ensure your comfort and durability of the garments that you purchase. Cotton undershirts are of the best quality because cotton is absorbent and breathable. This means that you will not have sweat accumulating on your skin once you wear a cotton undershirt stays tucked all day. Therefore, when purchasing an undershirt, choose one that has white color and made of cotton.

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